VCAN (may also be known as: PG-M)




Vcan Mus musculus
Vcan Rattus norvegicus

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Changes associated with this gene

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA50 versican Molecular brain Human VCAN 20.0% Increase Gene Expression Level

GO Terms

GO IDGO TermGO Category
GO:0007155 cell adhesion biological_process
GO:0007275 multicellular organismal development biological_process
GO:0007507 heart development biological_process
GO:0008037 cell recognition biological_process
GO:0008347 glial cell migration biological_process
GO:0009611 response to wounding biological_process
GO:0031103 axon regeneration biological_process
GO:0005576 extracellular region cellular_component
GO:0005578 proteinaceous extracellular matrix cellular_component
GO:0005615 extracellular space cellular_component
GO:0031012 extracellular matrix cellular_component
GO:0005488 binding molecular_function
GO:0005509 calcium ion binding molecular_function
GO:0005529 sugar binding molecular_function
GO:0005539 glycosaminoglycan binding molecular_function
GO:0005540 hyaluronic acid binding molecular_function