All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA1003 Wrinkles skin Human
DAA884 Widespread degeneration of glomerular blood vessels renal vasculature Human
DAA730 White matter volume decreases white matter Human
DAA826 Weaker digestive tract muscle contractions alimentary system, smooth muscle Human
DAA846 Weakening of intestinal wall large intestine Human
DAA703 Wall increases in thickness left ventricle Human
DAA948 Volume of perivascular space around thymus increases thymus Human
DAA936 Volume of hematopoietic bone marrow decreases bone marrow Human
DAA2583 Vision loss visual apparatus Human
DAA788 Viscoelastic modulus of brain tissue decreases brain Human
DAA794 Ventilatory rate at maximum exertion decreases lung Human
DAA896 Vasodilation induced by acetylcholine or sodium reduced renal vasculature Human
DAA2044 Variations in fat mass adipose tissue Human
DAA2043 Variations in body weight whole body Human
DAA1061 Variability in clearance of hepatically metabolized drugs liver Human
DAA966 Vaccination antibody response is impaired immune system Human
DAA900 Urine concentrating capacity decreases renal tubule Human
DAA699 Triglyceride levels increase plasma Human
DAA904 Transport maximum for glucose declines renal tubule Human
DAA2030 Transmission of visible light through eye lenses decreases lens Human
DAA2024 Total body water decreases whole body Human
DAA2048 Total body potassium declines whole body Human
DAA945 Thymus involution thymus Human
DAA946 Thymic hormone levels decrease plasma Human
DAA862 Threshold sensational level for rectal filling increase rectum, anus Human