All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA812 Responses to hypoxemia and hypercapnia are decreased respiratory system Human
DAA810 Respiratory muscle strength declines respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA811 Respiratory drive decreases respiratory system Human
DAA2598 Renewal rate of cardiomyocytes decreases with age heart Human
DAA932 Renewal capacity declines hematopoietic stem cells Human
DAA885 Renal blood flow declines renal vasculature Human
DAA2015 Regulation of the acid-base equilibrium of the blood unchanged blood Human
DAA2049 Reduction in total body protein whole body Human
DAA840 Reduction in small intestine absorption rate small intestine Human
DAA2020 Reduction in renal function kidney Human
DAA2040 Reduced type II muscle fiber skeletal muscle Human
DAA785 Reduced hippocampal activity and functional connectivity in tests for verbal familiarity brain Human
DAA960 Receptor expression alterations grey matter Human
DAA1980 Reaction time for a visually paced simple motor task increases with age brain Human
DAA702 Ratio of oxidized to unoxidized plasma albumin increases plasma Human
DAA668 Proteoglycan alterations in cartilage cartilage Human
DAA677 Proportion of apoptotic cells may be increased mesenchymal stem cell Human
DAA763 Prolongation of calcium signals in nerve cells brain Human
DAA676 Proliferation rate of mesenchymal stem cells is reduced mesenchymal stem cell Human
DAA956 Proliferation is reduced lymphocytes Human
DAA920 Prolactin increases in males plasma Human
DAA2022 Prolactin decreases in females plasma Human
DAA1076 Progressive liquefaction vitreous humor Human
DAA935 Pro-B cell generation and differentiation declines bone marrow, B cell Human
DAA779 Prefrontal cortex activation during learning is reduced brain Human