All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA2025 Basal oxygen uptake per kilogram of body water unchanged whole body Human
DAA895 Basement membranes of glomeruli and tubules thicken renal tubule, glomerulus Human
DAA2586 Benign prostatic hyperplasia prostate Human
DAA1996 Beta-amyloid protein deposition increases brain Human
DAA675 Beta-galactosidase expression increases in mesenchymal stem cells mesenchymal stem cell Human
DAA679 Arterial rigidity gradually increases artery Human
DAA1208 Blood TNF-alpha level increase plasma Human
DAA979 Apoptotic pathway in response to stimuli disrupted neutrophil Human
DAA912 Aldosterone secretion, blood levels and clearance decrease plasma, adrenal gland Human
DAA2017 Blood sugar changes plasma Human
DAA2018 Blood volume per unit of body weight unchanged blood Human
DAA940 B naive cells' susceptibility to apoptosis decreases memory B cell Human
DAA1058 Body fat increases whole body Human
DAA751 Body temperature circadian rhythm flattens whole body Human
DAA1205 Body temperature decreases with age whole body Human
DAA653 Bone becomes more brittle, less flexible bone Human
DAA650 Bone density of total hip and femoral neck decreases bone Human
DAA648 Bone mass decreases bone Human
DAA649 Bone mineral density in cortical ulna decreases ulna Human
DAA651 Bone porosity increases bone Human
DAA645 Bone remodeling decreases bone Human
DAA647 Bone resorption increases for cortical bone bone Human
DAA728 Brain matter volume declines brain Human
DAA1217 Brain volume decrease brain Human
DAA1209 Blood IL6 level increase plasma Human