All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA1207 IL8 level increase plasma Human
DAA1208 Blood TNF-alpha level increase plasma Human
DAA1209 Blood IL6 level increase plasma Human
DAA1212 Circadian plasma melatonin flattened plasma Human
DAA1213 Circadian GH change plasma Human
DAA1214 Circadian prolactin flattened plasma Human
DAA1215 Higher adrenocroticotropic hormone levels plasma Human
DAA1217 Brain volume decrease brain Human
DAA1218 Morning concentrations of oestradiol decline plasma Human
DAA1219 Morning concentration of oestrone (E1) declines plasma Human
DAA1221 Morning concentration of sex-hormone binding globulin declines plasma Human
DAA1229 Declining T-lymphocyte production in the thymus thymus Human
DAA1230 E-rosette-forming cells decrease thymus Human
DAA1978 Age differences in classical conditioning of the eyelid response eyelid Human
DAA1980 Reaction time for a visually paced simple motor task increases with age brain Human
DAA1981 Selective increase in oxidative damage and decrease in antioxidant function during aging in the substantia nigra substantia nigra Human
DAA1983 Critical decline in fine motor hand movements nervous system Human
DAA1984 Layer-specific dendritic regression of pyramidal cells prefrontal cortex Human
DAA1985 Diastolic dysfunction with aging cardiovascular system Human
DAA1988 Decrease in the 24-hour integrated concentration of GH plasma Human
DAA1990 Number of mutations in offsprings increases male reproductive system Human
DAA1991 Hematopoietic cells accumulate random mutations hematopoietic stem cells Human
DAA1992 Muscle mass and strength loss skeletal muscle Human
DAA1993 Brain volume decreases in a regional-specific way brain Human
DAA1994 Increase in collagen in the arterial intima 100.0% Increase Protein level arterial intima Human