All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA711 Heart physiology measurements unchanged heart Human
DAA708 Response to beta-adrenergic stimulation decreased heart Human
DAA2598 Renewal rate of cardiomyocytes decreases with age heart Human
DAA713 Cardiac index decreased heart Human
DAA2026 Mutations in mitochondrial DNA accumulate heart, kidney, skeletal muscle, cerebral cortex, cerebellum Human
DAA2021 Diminution in the resting cardiac output heart Human
DAA712 Heart physiology parameters altered heart Human
DAA706 Maximum workload in response to exercise stress decreases heart Human
DAA710 Facets of heart physiology altered during exercise heart Human
DAA705 Lipofuscin increases heart Human
DAA703 Wall increases in thickness left ventricle Human
DAA704 Cellular hypertrophy in left ventricular wall left ventricle Human
DAA681 Metabolic syndrome components associated with measures of arterial stiffness artery Human
DAA691 Elastic fibers become fragmented, redistributed, and thinned artery Human
DAA692 Arteriosclerosis artery Human
DAA679 Arterial rigidity gradually increases artery Human
DAA680 Aortic pulse wave velocity increases aorta Human
DAA689 Endothelial cells more irregular in size and shape arterial intima Human
DAA695 Cell proliferation increases arterial intima Human
DAA690 Elastic and smooth muscle layers increase in size arterial intima Human
DAA694 Intima undergoes diffuse thickening arterial intima Human
DAA1994 Increase in collagen in the arterial intima 100.0% Increase Protein level arterial intima Human
DAA1995 Decrease in collagen in the venous intima 42.0% Decrease Protein level venous intima Human
DAA806 Decline in respiratory muscle fibers respiratory system, muscle Human
DAA808 Capacity of neuromusclar junctions to transmit impulses decreases respiratory system Human