All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA743 Sensitivity of HPA axis is impaired pituitary gland, adrenal gland, hypothalamus Human
DAA1199 Serum klotho Increase Hormone Level plasma Human
DAA928 Sex hormone binding globulin levels increase plasma Human
DAA2001 SIRT1 activity negatively correlated with age in males skin Human
DAA994 Skin thinning epidermis, dermis Human
DAA827 Slowing down of peristaltic motion in alimentary canal alimentary system Human
DAA898 Sodium conservation decreased renal tubule Human
DAA919 Somatostatin basal levels increase plasma Human
DAA931 Sperm motility and concentration male reproductive system Human
DAA984 Spontaneous production of superoxide decreased neutrophil Human
DAA2053 Sweating capacity decreases sweat gland Human
DAA718 Synaptic density slightly decreases at advanced ages frontal lobe Human
DAA656 Synovial fluid alterations synovium Human
DAA682 Systolic blood pressure increases cardiovascular system Human
DAA964 T-cell diversity declines T cell Human
DAA2599 Telomere shortening adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, skin, leukocyte Human
DAA644 Tendons' ability to elongate decreases tendon Human
DAA2032 The ratio of free to bound water increases lens Human
DAA862 Threshold sensational level for rectal filling increase rectum, anus Human
DAA946 Thymic hormone levels decrease plasma Human
DAA945 Thymus involution thymus Human
DAA2048 Total body potassium declines whole body Human
DAA2024 Total body water decreases whole body Human
DAA2030 Transmission of visible light through eye lenses decreases lens Human
DAA904 Transport maximum for glucose declines renal tubule Human