All physiological changes (343)

Identifier Name Data Tissues Organism Actions
DAA1993 Brain volume decreases in a regional-specific way brain Human
DAA665 Calcification makes cartilage more brittle cartilage Human
DAA663 Calcification of cartilage matrix cartilage Human
DAA801 Calcification of costal cartilage thorax, cartilage Human
DAA848 Calcium absorption in intestine decreases intestine Human
DAA765 Calcium binding capacity decreases in neurons brain Human
DAA678 Capacity of mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into osteoblasts may be decreased mesenchymal stem cell Human
DAA808 Capacity of neuromusclar junctions to transmit impulses decreases respiratory system Human
DAA908 Carbohydrate homeostasis deficits following glucose challenge endocrine system Human
DAA713 Cardiac index decreased heart Human
DAA666 Cartilage asbestos transformation€ cartilage Human
DAA664 Cartilage calcification interferes with normal diffusion metabolism cartilage Human
DAA658 Cartilage color changes cartilage Human
DAA660 Cartilage joint surface cracks and frays cartilage Human
DAA667 Cartilage matrix softening and cavity formation cartilage Human
DAA661 Cartilage matrix synthesis to degradation ratio decreases cartilage Human
DAA671 Cartilage resiliency decreases cartilage Human
DAA659 Cell number decreases in cartilage cartilage Human
DAA695 Cell proliferation increases arterial intima Human
DAA704 Cellular hypertrophy in left ventricular wall left ventricle Human
DAA741 Cerebral blood flow and glucose utilization are reduced brain Human
DAA738 Cerebral spinal fluid amount increases brain Human
DAA995 Change in weave of dermis collagen fibers dermis Human
DAA2046 Changes in fat distribution adipose tissue Human
DAA1011 Changes in glycosaminoglycan/proteoglycan epidermis, dermis Human