McLachlan (1978) "The ageing kidney." Lancet 2(8081):143-145 (PubMed) (20 entries)

Changes associated with this reference

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA905 Ability to secrete acid load decreases Physiological kidney Human
DAA895 Basement membranes of glomeruli and tubules thicken Physiological renal tubule, glomerulus Human
DAA881 Dietary protein required to induce renal sclerotic lesions decreases Physiological renal vasculature Human
DAA887 Glomerular filtration rate declines Physiological glomerulus Human
DAA889 Glomeruli crowd together Physiological glomerulus Human
DAA888 Glomeruli number decreases Physiological glomerulus Human
DAA890 IgM deposition in glomeruli Molecular glomerulus Human
DAA894 Interstitial fibrosis in medulla Physiological kidney Human
DAA880 Kidney mass gradually lost Physiological kidney Human
DAA891 Nephrons appear to fail as units Physiological nephron Human
DAA899 Phosphate reabsorption decreased Physiological renal tubule Human
DAA886 Renal arteriosclerosis Pathological renal vasculature Human
DAA885 Renal blood flow declines Physiological renal vasculature Human
DAA897 Response to antidiuretic hormone decreased Physiological renal tubule Human
DAA898 Sodium conservation decreased Physiological renal tubule Human
DAA902 specific activities of enzymes are reduced Molecular kidney Human
DAA904 Transport maximum for glucose declines Physiological renal tubule Human
DAA900 Urine concentrating capacity decreases Physiological renal tubule Human
DAA896 Vasodilation induced by acetylcholine or sodium reduced Physiological renal vasculature Human
DAA884 Widespread degeneration of glomerular blood vessels Physiological renal vasculature Human