SHOCK (1956) "Some physiological aspects of aging in man." Bull N Y Acad Med 32(4):268-283 (PubMed) (8 entries)

Changes associated with this reference

Identifier Name Type Tissues Organism Gene Data Actions
DAA2023 Basal heat production decreases Physiological whole body Human
DAA2025 Basal oxygen uptake per kilogram of body water unchanged Physiological whole body Human
DAA2017 Blood sugar changes Physiological plasma Human
DAA2018 Blood volume per unit of body weight unchanged Physiological blood Human
DAA2021 Diminution in the resting cardiac output Physiological heart Human
DAA2020 Reduction in renal function Physiological kidney Human
DAA2015 Regulation of the acid-base equilibrium of the blood unchanged Physiological blood Human
DAA2024 Total body water decreases Physiological whole body Human