Research: SETI, Active SETI and Big Data

We are a biological laboratory in the Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool. Our work has a strong focus on large-scale data analysis, data mining and bioinformatics. We are also fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and whether intelligent life exists on other planets is a fundamental question facing humankind.

Briefly, we try to contribute to research on astrobiology and on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence by:

  1. Applying our expertise in detecting patterns in complex datasets to analyze data from sky surveys and also attempt to predict advanced communication protocols used by extraterrestrial civilizations. One of the possible explanations to Fermi's paradox is that we are not listening properly to signals from extraterrestrial intelligences.
  2. Developing computational models and simulations that predict the evolution and expansion of intelligent civilizations across the galaxy.
  3. Establish efforts to attempt to test the Zoo Hypothesis via a direct communication route, as detailed elsewhere.

If any of these is of interest, we are always glad to hear from potential students, postdocs, collaborators, etc. Please feel free to contact us.